MIT (at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))

I know where I get it from now

Warp ain’t. No, it ain’t

I am a tree

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I need one of these

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Roaring crash (Taken with instagram)

Now that’s what I like to see (Taken with instagram)

6 hours. How long I have to get home eat and do things. 6 hours… Why does it always feel no longer than 1 or 2? (Taken with instagram)

Playin around with how @fullphatboy’s app icon could work (Taken with instagram)

Kyms new dress (Taken with instagram)

Tiny heaven @tomdickandharriets (Taken with instagram)

#dinnertime tdh chilli jam. #tomdickandharriet (Taken with instagram)


VI (by Kym Ellis)

Oh look, it’s me again!

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VI (by Kym Ellis)

It’s me!